What is the interview process like?

The interview process at Velin & Associates, Inc. is relatively informal. You will spend 1-2 hours at the firm and meet with 2-4 people, including a Partner , a mid level Manager and one or two peers. You will not be asked to take any tests or come for additional interviews. Hiring decisions are usually made within a couple of days of the interview.

What do you expect out of interns and staff?

  • As a staff person, you should be able to adapt to our flexible environment and the timely demands of the services.
  • You should apply information from college courses, from the initial orientation and from on-the-job training. In addition, you should adapt the on-going recommendations of the Velin & Associates, Inc. directors and mentors.
  • To the extent you deem necessary, we will help you through projects and engagements. We will do everything possible to help you understand the theory behind our procedures.
  • We expect you to ask questions
  • After we supply you with the knowledge, you are responsible to retain it and apply it.
  • As necessary, we expect timely service to our clients, even if it means occasional personal sacrifices.
  • We expect that you will always strive for the highest quality and ethical standards, both in your adherence to accounting principles and in the thoroughness of your work.

What characteristics do you look for in a potential employee?

  • At Velin & Associates, Inc., we want someone who wants to work here. The future growth of the firm depends on our being an outstanding professional organization. Our goals are professional satisfaction, a closely-knit and well compensated staff, quality work and direct client involvement. We look for friendly, outgoing, bright, dedicated, hard-working people who will excel within the firm. Because our firm was founded by entrepreneurs and many of the clients we serve are entrepreneurs, we look for entrepreneurial characteristics – a self-starter who is ambitious, resourceful and an innovative thinker.

What is the culture or environment of the firm?

  • Velin & Associates, Inc. is committed to its people. The personal aspect of our firm is definitely one of our strongest points. Our staff truly enjoys working here and with one another.
  • Due to our size, we have fewer rigid rules in a more relaxed atmosphere. Velin & Associates, Inc.’s medium size allows us to become better acquainted with each other, both at and away from the office.
  • Our various office gatherings promote camaraderie.
  • We hire friendly people who are looking to grow and achieve common goals. We enjoy being comfortable around each other and offer business casual dress policy year-round.

What does the compensation package look like?

Velin & Associates, Inc. compensation package includes the following:

  • Competitive salary
  • Incentive bonus programs
  • Practice-sharing awards for introducing new clients
  • Referral awards for introducing new hires

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