How to choose your CPA/Accountant?

Declaring taxes is one of the most important tasks that all individuals and businesses have to deal with every year.  Filing taxes can be complicated, especially if you have no experience or if you own a business.  That’s why it is important for each individual or business owner to have an accountant or a local CPA in Los Angeles that they can trust.

First let’s understand the difference between an accountant and a CPA. An accountant is the individual who earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from a 4 year college or university. An accountant helps maintain and analyze financial records and assure that taxes are paid on time and correctly.

A CPA (Certified Public Accountant) has also earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting, but also has earned a certificate from the state of California or some other state and has certain amount of hours working under supervision of other Certified Public Accountants in accounting.  Velin & Associates, Inc. also took accounting and business courses and was eligible for the Uniform CPA Examination, offered by California board of accountancy.

The Velin & Associates, Inc. can do the same work as an accountant, but an accountant cannot do the same work as a CPA.

Finding the right CPA is essential to get the best return in your taxes and to make sure that you will be on time for the IRS deadlines.  To report your financial information, either personal or business, you need to find an accountant that will ensure you will not pay more taxes then you are supposed to.

To get the best out of your accountant, you need to learn how to find the right one for your case. The most qualified CPA are detail oriented, focused, a good listeners, and are problem solvers.  They also have strategic thinking and understand the law, how to best apply the law for the type of business your company operates.

Since the population in the USA, specially California, is from all over the world, and when English is not your primarily language, it’s essential that you find an accountant that speaks your language or has an assistant that can mediate the conversation. Not only they will be able to explain the financial terms in a way you can understand, but they will represent your interest in a better way.

You should also check their area of expertise and find the one that has more experience related to your particular needs.  The more experienced the accountant, the better and faster the service will be done.

A good accountant can prepare taxes for individuals or businesses, professional corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies.  Whether you are in the entertainment industry, real estate, construction or development, if you find the right Los Angeles accountant or CPA, they should be able to help you!

Last but not the least, you need to trust the CPA you choose.  A great CPA is always there to help you!

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